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Executive Function Coaching

from Prepped and Polished

Even exceptionally bright students can struggle academically due to challenges surrounding concentration, motivation, time management, and other executive function skills.

At Prepped and Polished: Executive Function Coaching, we specialize in helping students foster essential habits and strategies to reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond throughout Massachusetts (Natick, Sudbury, Wellesley, and Newton) while also catering to student needs in New York, Connecticut and beyond!

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In-Person + Virtual Options

Students can meet with their executive function coach both in-person and remotely.

Virtual sessions are conducted with face-to-face video conferencing and live screensharing software.

In-person visits take place in our local Mass. offices (Natick, Sudbury, Wellesley, or Newton).

Our coaches can travel to you and hold sessions in the comfort of your home as well.

Attendance options can be combined and adjusted as you see fit (a hybrid of virtual and in-person options).

1 on 1 Coaching

We take a one-on-one approach to executive function coaching to effectively provide your child with the attention they need to thrive.

Every aspect of our service is individualized – starting with the selection of a coach that is compatible with your child’s personality and who can cater to their unique learning style. From there, we undergo an extensive intake process with the student, outlining a custom coaching plan designed to enhance their existing strengths while identifying and addressing areas that can be improved upon.

A female coaching teaching a young female student

From elementary school students to adults, we’ll pair you with an executive function coach that fits your needs.

For All Age Groups

Our experienced academic professionals work with students of nearly every age group.

We help elementary school children build a foundation for their academic careers with essential skills pertaining to reading, writing and mathematics. Middle-schoolers often turn to their executive function coach to find the confidence they need to succeed academically among their peers in an increasingly competitive learning environment.

We assist high school students who struggle in a variety of topics related to specific academic subjects, standardized test preparation and even the college application process. Students in college rely on us for help with completing coursework, adjusting to campus life and more.

We even provide executive function coaching to adults who are in pursuit of advanced degrees and career development by helping them better manage their time, organize information, and set meaningful goals all while meeting important deadlines.

Setting You Up for Success in the Classroom and in Life



Thomas M. (College Student)

“Before going to Prepped and Polished, I was struggling academically in all my classes. Working with Amy, I was able to change my study habits. As a result, I’m much happier and currently on Dean’s List.”

Nicole G.

“Our son, who can be quite shy, engaged easily with Jackie and developed a great working relationship with her. Jackie understood our son’ss strengths and weaknesses and tailored every session and homework assignment to them. She also helped our son develop greater confidence with the test taking process and we were able to see the progress in that area each week. Additionally, she was able to support our son in managing his stress while going through the challenging process of applying to private high schools. We highly recommend Prepped and Polished!”

Nora M. (Parent of College Student)

“Prepped and Polished has completely changed the direction of my son’s college career. He is more focused and organized and his grades have never been better. I would highly recommend working with Prepped and Polished if you have a child who is struggling.”

Michelle P.

“What a great experience! Our son’s tutor, Michelle, was excellent. While she covered all the material in depth, the approach was highly customized based on areas that needed extra attention. She was able to take what seemed like mundane tasks and made them manageable and easy to complete. Alexis was super organized and always updated us on progress. He even sent our son cookies on his birthday! Of course, results matter- and Prepped and Polished delivered. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Trip B. (College Student)

“I have been working closely with Jackie over the past semester and we plan on working together with weekly meetings over the upcoming semester. She is a great resource for organizational help as well as writing/drafting help. There have been more than a few times where my weekly meetings with Jackie have been critical to keeping me on track with my course-load at the university. That being said, the assistance that she offers is mainly focused on developing the skills necessary for academic independence. From how I understand my relationship with Jackie, her role in the service is more to set a kind of organizational template that can only work in tandem with the students’ engaged effort and responsibility. My work with Jackie has made a significant difference in my academic experience at the university. I sincerely hope that you consider her. She is an excellent resource.”

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