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At Prepped and Polished: Executive Function Coaching, we have been providing educational services to children and adults across Massachusetts, the country and the world for over two decades and counting.

Below you will find some of our student and parent testimonials. Feel free to browse and discover why Prepped and Polished: Executive Function Coaching is the best executive function coaching provider throughout the United States.

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Sal C. (Parent)

“Not only are P&P very caring and knowledgeable, they were able to get our student over a hump that multiple years of teachers, both regular and SPED, were unable to achieve on their own. The coach worked collaboratively with the school which kept everyone on the same page. That was very helpful. Everyone we had contact with at P&P was passionate about what they do and showed compassion for our student’s needs. I highly recommend them.”

Trip B. (College Student)

“I have been working closely with Jackie over the past semester and we plan on working together with weekly meetings over the upcoming semester. She is a great resource for organizational help as well as writing/drafting help. There have been more than a few times where my weekly meetings with Jackie have been critical to keeping me on track with my course-load at the university. That being said, the assistance that she offers is mainly focused on developing the skills necessary for academic independence. From how I understand my relationship with Jackie, her role in the service is more to set a kind of organizational template that can only work in tandem with the students’ engaged effort and responsibility. My work with Jackie has made a significant difference in my academic experience at the university. I sincerely hope that you consider her. She is an excellent resource.”

Thomas M. (College Student)

“Before going to Prepped and Polished, I was struggling academically in all my classes. Working with Amy, I was able to change my study habits. As a result, I’m much happier and currently on Dean’s List.”

Nora M. (Parent of College Student)

“Prepped and Polished has completely changed the direction of my son’s college career. He is more focused and organized and his grades have never been better. I would highly recommend working with Prepped and Polished if you have a child who is struggling.”

Judi H.

“When our 6th grade daughter was struggling with executive function and organizational skills, I turned to Prepped and Polished for help.  Alexis and I engaged in a lengthy, detailed discussion of my daughter’s strengths and challenges. He reviewed data I provided with extreme care and understanding of our family’s goal: enable my daughter to independently manage her homework planning and execution. Alexis found a terrific tutor match for us. Allison was instrumental in teaching our daughter time management skills in a way that spoke to her and taught her habits that work for her. Fast forward to the present: our daughter is a sophomore in high school who manages her homework with complete independence – no intervention from us.  She is an honor roll student and has found passion for mathematics and science. Prepped and Polished was a blessing for our family.  Alexis and Allison were firmly in our corner and helped us through the growing pains of learning to learn. If your child is struggling with organization and time management, now is the time to teach them to get a handle on it. Prepped and Polished is the resource to help you get there.”

Nicole G.

“Our son, who can be quite shy, engaged easily with Jackie and developed a great working relationship with her. Jackie understood our son’ss strengths and weaknesses and tailored every session and homework assignment to them. She also helped our son develop greater confidence with the test taking process and we were able to see the progress in that area each week. Additionally, she was able to support our son in managing his stress while going through the challenging process of applying to private high schools. We highly recommend Prepped and Polished!”

Stacie S.

“We had a very good experience with Prepped and Polished. The tutors my daughter worked with were very professional and accommodating. Alexis was also great to work with.

Michelle P.

“What a great experience! Our son’s tutor, Michelle, was excellent. While she covered all the material in depth, the approach was highly customized based on areas that needed extra attention. She was able to take what seemed like mundane tasks and made them manageable and easy to complete. Alexis was super organized and always updated us on progress. He even sent our son cookies on his birthday! Of course, results matter- and Prepped and Polished delivered. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Michael B.

“Proven to enhance your chances of getting into top-tier private schools, colleges and grad programs. Prepped and Polished is at the head of the class. The real strong suit of Prepped and Polished is their tutors and their ability to get your child into the best colleges! Alexis’s approach is to build strong rapport with each student and create a customized learning program based on his or her needs. This has been a winning formula to get into the best schools. Lessons can be arranged at the student’s home, their offices and even online. You can’t miss with this tutoring company!”

Kathleen R.

“Prepped and Polished was a great help to my daughter. They helped my daughter see how math worked into engineering and physics. My daughter has a very good understanding of physics and engineering, but most professors only teach the math. My daughter learns more efficiently looking at the whole application of math integrated with science.”

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