Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts

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Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts

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For many students, the most significant challenges they face in the classroom are not directly related to the content being covered but rather their own focus, motivation, time management and other skills pertaining to executive function. At Prepped in Polished, we specialize in helping local students reach their full potential through personalized executive skills coaching in Massachusetts. Unlike traditional classrooms and extra-help sessions, our coaching sessions are held one-to-one so that your child receives the direct attention they need to thrive academically, socially and professionally. Over the course of our time together, your child will become equipped with a toolbox of effective strategies that can be applied in nearly every aspect of their daily lives.

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No two students are exactly alike. In recognition of this reality, we carefully customize every aspect of our services to directly cater to your child’s distinct learning style and unique personality. We consult with you and your child to pair them with an ideal coach and outline a schedule of sessions that reflects their school’s current curriculum and the specific challenges they face pertaining to it. This plan is designed to sharpen strengths, address gaps in content familiarity, instill valuable study skills and foster lasting confidence. Adjustments can be made as tests, projects and other high stakes assignments arise. You will be provided with regular reports to stay up to date with your child’s progress.

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Attendance Options

We understand that even families who recognize the importance of executive skills coaching are often unable to provide their child access to it because of scheduling conflicts, transportation issues and other logistical challenges. We offer a range of flexible meeting options to help the families we work with overcome such barriers. In-person sessions can be held at any of our office locations in Natick, Sudbury and Wellesley. Prepped and Polished team members can also travel to homes, local libraries and other settings of our clients choosing to provide executive skills coaching in Massachusetts communities throughout the Greater Boston like Newton, Dover, Weston, Wayland and more. Your child can attend remotely using video call and screen sharing software as well. Meeting options can be altered and combined as you see fit.

In-person meetings can be held at any of our Greater Boston area offices in Wellesley, Natick, and Sudbury.

Our coaches also travel to Newton, Norwood, Westwood and other nearby towns to hold sessions in the comfort of your home.

Sessions can even be attended virtually using face-to-face video chat and live screen sharing software.

Attendance options can be combined and adjusted as you see fit (a hybrid of virtual and in-person options).

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Executive Function Coaching for Every Age

No matter what your level of education or workplace experience may be, our team of executive function coaches can help you foster the skills you need to thrive in your studies and career.

Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts - Elementary

Elementary School

Early education is a critical time to establish executive functioning skills that will serve as a foundation for present and future academic endeavors. During this time, students learn to navigate new expectations, and assistance with emotion regulation response, basic organization, task management and other core skills help them develop confidence and understand how to effectively engage in academics.

Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts - Middle School

Middle School

The start of middle school represents a significant shift in the level of content and personal responsibility students are expected to manage. Our coaches help students in this age group adapt to these heightened expectations with time management strategies, sustainable study habits and curriculum specific assistance. Students will learn their specific motivators while developing habits for future success.

Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts - High School

High School

From freshman to senior year, high school students are expected to navigate significant academic demands, balance a busier schedule, and develop strong college applications. This includes participation in athletics, membership to clubs, attending social events, and working after school jobs. Students are also learning to drive and accomplishing other milestones that create additional stress and distraction. Through the introduction of proven executive function strategies, we help students balance their priorities, manage their time successfully, and stay organized and motivated. The skills they develop empower students and ensure they feel prepared for college-level academics.

Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts - College


Whether living on campus, commuting from home, or attending classes virtually, college is a time of great freedom and responsibility. We equip college students with a variety of techniques to navigate their exciting new environment in a productive and enjoyable manner. Extended deadlines and a less uniform schedule can make it difficult to complete assignments on-time. We work with students to establish strategies for time management, note taking, attendance, and completing lengthy assignments, which helps upkeep academic efficiency and prevent burnout.

Executive Skills Coaching in Massachusetts - Adult


Executive function skills are just as applicable to adults pursuing advanced degrees and career growth as they are for undergraduates and younger students. All too often, an individual’s excellence in a given field is compromised by an inability to meet deadlines, return emails, and stay organized. Reach your academic or professional goals with personalized coaching that establishes lifelong skills including time-management, organization, and task-initiation.

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Thomas M. (College Student)

“Before going to Prepped and Polished, I was struggling academically in all my classes. Working with Amy, I was able to change my study habits. As a result, I’m much happier and currently on Dean’s List.”

Nicole G.

“Our son, who can be quite shy, engaged easily with Jackie and developed a great working relationship with her. Jackie understood our son’ss strengths and weaknesses and tailored every session and homework assignment to them. She also helped our son develop greater confidence with the test taking process and we were able to see the progress in that area each week. Additionally, she was able to support our son in managing his stress while going through the challenging process of applying to private high schools. We highly recommend Prepped and Polished!”

Nora M. (Parent of College Student)

“Prepped and Polished has completely changed the direction of my son’s college career. He is more focused and organized and his grades have never been better. I would highly recommend working with Prepped and Polished if you have a child who is struggling.”

Michelle P.

“What a great experience! Our son’s tutor, Michelle, was excellent. While she covered all the material in depth, the approach was highly customized based on areas that needed extra attention. She was able to take what seemed like mundane tasks and made them manageable and easy to complete. Alexis was super organized and always updated us on progress. He even sent our son cookies on his birthday! Of course, results matter- and Prepped and Polished delivered. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

Trip B. (College Student)

“I have been working closely with Jackie over the past semester and we plan on working together with weekly meetings over the upcoming semester. She is a great resource for organizational help as well as writing/drafting help. There have been more than a few times where my weekly meetings with Jackie have been critical to keeping me on track with my course-load at the university. That being said, the assistance that she offers is mainly focused on developing the skills necessary for academic independence. From how I understand my relationship with Jackie, her role in the service is more to set a kind of organizational template that can only work in tandem with the students’ engaged effort and responsibility. My work with Jackie has made a significant difference in my academic experience at the university. I sincerely hope that you consider her. She is an excellent resource.”

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